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The Bald Strawberry: A Gluten Free Florida coffee shop and bakery ~ Cape Canaveral, FL

The Bald Strawberry


Update 9/5/12:  The Bald Strawberry has recently relocated.  They are now in Melbourne, FL .  Just south of the Cocoa Beach area.  If you are staying in the Cocoa area it is still worthy of driving to.
In June we headed out to Cape Canaveral Beach for the day.  We have many beach choices in the Central Florida area:  New Smyrna, Daytona Beach and Cocoa Beach, but this time we decided on Cocoa.  We had set out our umbrella and chairs and I was taking a break from the sun and my book. I decided to open up the Gluten Free Registry app on my phone and see what gluten free options were around the area. Up popped a delightful coffee shop and bakery, The Bald Strawberry.  It was right down the road and so we headed over there. If you live here or are visiting the Central Florida area and you are craving a "gluten free beach day" this is where you want to go!  The owners of the shop, Linda and her "apprentice" son, Joseph, are as warm and inviting as all the goodies within.  On this visit they were serving both gluten items and gluten free, but had two separate kitchens, which made me feel extra safe in eating their food items.  Since then they have gone completely gluten free....they have obviously become quite a hit!  : )  I, as I am sure many others have felt this feeling too....felt like I had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that afternoon. 

I purchased several items.  A loaf of bread, some gooey chocolate bars, chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodle cookies.  The bread was moist and very tasty.... and it had been quite some time since I had enjoyed a slice of delicious soft bread with butter so I was in heaven.  It was perfect to enjoy with dinner that night and for sandwiches during the week.  

Recently we decided to head to the beach for the day again and I requested we make Cape Canaveral our beach I did have an ulterior motive.  We often go to Publix to make sub sandwiches when we are either going to the beach or going out boating or kayaking.  Since gluten free I have been making my own sandwiches.   I do miss Publix sandwiches and at this time was having a hard time with my diet, so it was the perfect reason to head over to Cape Canaveral to have a gluten free sandwich made for me as well as gather up some more goodies to get me out of my funk. 

Linda and Joseph serve delicious sandwiches and pizza....and even a breakfast pizza.  You can choose from several bread types as well as try one of their 3 sandwiches: The Joe Cool, The V Club, or the Rockin Rueben, or build your own.  I chose to have a turkey with avocado, red onion, spinach, fresh basil and provolone cheese.  It was just what I needed to get me out of the "gluten free funk"...delicious, fresh, and ....wait, who was missing Publix subs??  Definitely not me!  : )  My daughter picked out chocolate cupcakes to take with us to the beach.  We joked about it being our first time to ever eat a cupcake on the beach and I think "K" was thinking maybe it was   
                                                                                     not so bad having her Mama Gluten free!  : )

They serve 3 different pizzas (small, medium or large):  Pepperoni and Cheese, Organic Herb (with spinach, basil, and green onions with seasoned olive oil and cheese), and The Breakfast Pizza ( with egg, ham, chorizo, spinach, basil and cheese).  You can also make your own with the following toppings:  pepperoni, chorizo, ham, bacon, sausage, basil, spinach, green onion, jalapeno peppers, with mozzarella, cheddar, Parmesan or feta cheese. 

The Bald Strawberry has dairy free cheeses available as well. 

After the beach we went back to The Bald Strawberry....because I needed some gluten free goodies to take home.  I bought a loaf of bread, a blueberry muffin, some snickerdoodle cookies, gooey chocolate bars and York mint cookies. They were all delicious.  I had not had a blue berry muffin in quite some time so I savored this one much.  My daughter's favorites are the Snickerdoodles.  They are quite delicious, but I think I favor the York Peppermint cookies.  You can not go wrong with any of the selections at The Bald Strawberry.  If you are craving some of these goodies and not in the area....they can be shipped to you! 
The front room of The Bald Strawberry is  set up with a few tables and bar stools for you to sit and enjoy some coffee and sweets.  Linda has also decorated 3 separate rooms with comfy seats and different themes for you to sit and enjoy some coffee, tea and sweets or wait there while your sandwich or pizza is being made/cooked for you. 
Front counter with all the Sweets!
The Beach Room

The game and music room at The Bald Strawberry.

You can also order gluten free flour mixes, several different gluten free breads and bread crumbs as well as special order gluten free cakes for parties.  Check out their menu hereAnd there are many items that are gluten free and dairy free and a flour mix that is corn free.

You can view a variety of items Linda has made here . 

So whether you live in the Central Florida area or are visiting the theme parks or taking a cruise....and gluten free....The Bald Strawberry is a delicious, warm and fuzzy, 100% gluten free bakery with awesome ambiance and wonderful owners.  You will want to come back again and again.  And if you can't make it their way....they will ship to you.  Contact them here for ordering or questions.  It is just down the road from the Port of Cape Canaveral

Yummy, gluten free blueberry muffin at The
Bald Strawberry, Cape Canaveral, FL

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